Recent Research Output

Projects and Grants

BA/Leverhume Small Research Grant: “Unemployment and monetary policy in an uncertain world
Jonathan Swarbrick, 2022-2024

Recent Publications

Selection, patience, and the interest rate
Radek Stefanski and Alex Trew, 2023,
Journal of Political Economy: Macroeconomics, (Forthcoming)

Lending standards, productivity, and credit crunches
Jonathan Swarbrick, 2023,
Macroeconomic Dynamics, 27(2)

What have the monetary authorities really stabilised, and does it matter?
David Cobham and Peter Macmillan, 2023,
Open Economies Review, 34

Are long-horizon expectations (de-)stabilizing? Theory and experiments
George Evans, Cars Hommes, Bruce McGough and Isabella Salle, 2022
Journal of Monetary Economics, 132

Expectations, stagnation and fiscal policy: a nonlinear analysis
George Evans, Seppo Honkapohj and Kaushik Mitra, 2022,
International Economic Review, 63(3)

Economic performance under different monetary policy frameworks
David Cobham, Peter Macmillan, Connor Mason and Mengdi Song 2022
Journal of Policy Modeling, 44(2)

The RPEs of RBCs and other DSGEs
David Evans, George Evans and Bruce McGough, 2022,
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 143

Bounded Rationality and Unemployment Dynamics
David Evans, George Evans and Bruce McGough, 2022
Economics Letters, 210