The Macroeconomics Research Cluster brings together researchers working on a wide range of topics including macro theory, monetary economics, open economy macro, macro-financial linkages, time series analysis and macroeconometrics, and structural transformation.

We are actively involved in collaborative research and policy projects with policy institutions such as central banks and with academics across the world.


The group meets regularly to share early-stage research ideas and hosts occasional seminars. If you are interested in visiting, please get in touch.

We meet every other week during teaching weeks to talk macro and discuss new research ideas. Sometimes members of the group present their early stage work. Feel free to come along (every other Monday at 11am in Castlecliffe).

We also host occasional seminars for visiting speakers.




PhD students


Confirmed 2023/24 seminars

Seppo Honkapohja (Aalto University)
On robustness of average inflation targeting
13 September @ 1pm, Castlecliffe (12:30pm for lunch buffet)

2023/24 dept. seminars in macro

Martin Bruns (University of East Anglia)
12 September @ 11:15, Castlecliffe
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Marc Teignier (Universitat de Barcelona)
3 October @ 11:15, Castlecliffe
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Michael Hatcher (Southampton)
31 October @ 11:15, Castlecliffe

Tom Holden (Bundesbank)
7 November @ 11:15, Castlecliffe

Federica Romei  (Oxford)
14 November @ 11:15, Castlecliffe

Antonella Trigari  (Bocconi)
16 January @ 11:15, Castlecliffe

Mike Elsby  (Edinburgh)
6 February @ 11:15, Castlecliffe

Yunos Aksoy  (Birkbeck)
20 February @ 11:15, Castlecliffe